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In a galaxy, not so far, far away...

...two cool college students decided to embark in a journey of a lifetime. Root of Life was born out of love for wholesome ingredients and a desperate need for healthier alternatives in the community. In 2013, founders, Robert and Maria, began selling their Green Thunder recipe at their local Farmers Market. Soon they found themselves creating new recipes and before they knew it over eighteen original recipes were created. Thanks to the tremendous love and support from their community, Root of Life, has been able to open it's doors in the city that started it all! 


the man behind the counter. Robert currently pursues both of his passions: combining wholesome ingredients and creating healthy and delicious juices, while finding time to volunteer at his former high school as a Wrestling coach.


the woman behind the recipes. Maria's love for food has led her to pursue a career in Holistic Medicine and Chemistry. Today she incorporates her vegetarian lifestyle into every recipe, and enjoys sharing her love and knowledge for food. 

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